Compassion: A Driving Force

I feel so strongly to connect with my clients. Giving them an experience before the hurdle motivates them further to enjoy the exposure and create better experiences. Its one thing to connect and to motivate. Seeing in my community people hating on each other only cultivates more anger and no progress. I find it one of the many forms of life’s hypocrisy. I believe to be able to paint a better future for everyone like successful societies like South Korea, Canada, and the rest of successful countries, its our own commitment to social responsibility to humanize people and cultivate a culture of compassion.

One of my recent sojourn was in South Korea, where people value common welfare.

The video below really reflects Korean culture for compassion, I’ve seen this so many times and witness it first hand!


Another video below shows Josh Coombre giving out free hairstyling service to homeless people at NYC.


But its about doing what you love to go out and make some else smile”

-Josh Coombes

Volunteering for medical missions, from my experience really started from Typhoon Sendong a couple of years back.  Carrying that volunteer heart continues to instill good values for whatever exposure I find myself in.  It really takes to know the pain to experience success. Hardwork can take a long way. But values of integrity and sharing the positive experiences for the everyone is just love spreading its wings, in my perspective. Creating a culture of assurance based on respect and love and not fear.

Whenever my clients and friends at times giggle looking at their photos, just enriches the experience despite the all the work done.

Do something today that supports your industry, community and even just connecting with people creating positive experiences to create a better society.


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